Make-Up & Face Paint

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Face Paint
7 colored face painting kit. ..
Black Light Makeup
Colors include pink, green, blue, orange, and yellow. ..
Face Paint Set
6 color set with bursh ..
Comb 'N Color Green & Red
Comb green and red streaks in your hair. ..
Comb 'N Color Purple & Red
Comb red or purple streaks into your hair. ..
Comb 'N Color Blue & Yellow
Comb blue and yellow streaks into your hair. ..
Comb 'N Color Orange & Blue Kit
Comb to create orange and blue streaks in hair. ..
Black Light Orange Nail Polish
Orange nail polish that glows under blacklight. ..
Black Light Green Nail Polish
Green nail polish glows when under black light. ..
Spirit Gum Adhesive & Remover
Theatrical Bloob Scab
Make up is water washable. ..
Soldier Makeup
Make up kit includes face paint and head band. ..
Liquid Blood Capsules
6 capsules in a pack. ..
Clown Makeup
kit includes clown nose and face paint kit. ..
Devil Makeup
Make up kit includes horns and face paint. ..
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